Contractors making the most of good weather

You don’t have to look hard to find an ongoing construction project in Minot.

Whether it be Minot streets such as Burdick Expressway and the Broadway Viaduct, downtown upgrades or work on the new jail, things are getting built in town – work is getting done.

That is in stark contrast, of course, to the downtown parking ramps, which we have addressed numerous times before.

One of the brighter spots we learned this week is the new jail.

County commissioners were informed Thursday that construction on the new Ward County Jail expansion is 80 percent complete, with full completion expected in early November.

In fact, construction is ahead of schedule, which is always good news. Congratulations and well done to Adolfson & Peterson Construction.

The construction of the Ward County Administration Building cost $20.38 million, and Courthouse renovation cost $4.1 million. Construction to create a juvenile detention and probation area in the basement of the courthouse cost $2.79 million.

And that leaves enough unallocated funds – just under $1.5 million – that other upgrades can be considered for these fine facilities.

We trust that the county commission and Ward County Sheriff Bob Barnard will choose wisely when it comes to spending the excess as tax dollars are getting harder and harder to come by.