Back to the beginning

There will be an event in Minot’s Oak Park Sunday not to be missed – the 130th birthday celebration for the City of Minot.

Minot was officially incorporated on July 16, 1887, and to mark the occasion the City will host a party from 5 to 7 p.m. in the park. It is free and open to the public.

The birthday celebration, held in conjunction with Arts in the Park, will include free food (hot dogs, chips, drinks, popcorn and cake), live music, a magic show, bounce houses, and a historical look through Minot’s 130 years.

It will be both fun and interesting to see which parts of Minot’s rich history are focused on in the program. The city has endured much in its 130 years, including a massive fire that claimed much of Main Street, tornadoes that nearly destroyed the county hospital and did topple the Gassman Coulee bride, and of course the many floods and droughts which people of today can easily relate to.

There have been good times too, from the coming of a second railroad, the steady growth of the town which created the need for school after school to be built, and of course the coming of the Minot Air Force Base.

Between the decades, wise and colorful characters have combined to weave a history like few cities the size of Minot can claim.

Plan on attending the birthday party. Doing so will make you part of Minot’s ongoing history, or also perhaps, a student of it.