Good seasonal advice from Game and Fish

About this time every year, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department issues a warning not to assist baby animals you might think are in distress. Generally all is well and mom is lurking nearby waiting for you to leave.

It’s in our nature to try help Mother Nature, but this is a warning that we should try to heed:

“The North Dakota Game and Fish Department emphasizes a simple message to well-intentioned humans who want to pick up and rescue what appear to be orphaned baby animals this time of year – don’t touch them. Whether it is a young fawn, duckling, cottontail rabbit or a songbird, it is better to just leave them alone.

“More often than not young animals are not abandoned or deserted, and the mother is probably watching nearby. Young wildlife are purposely placed into seclusion by their mothers to protect them from predators.”

Simple instructions, yet so hard to follow. Perhaps that is why Game and Fish has to repeat the warning over and over again.

“Anytime a young wild animal has human contact its chance for survival decreases significantly,” Game and Fish says. What a sad thought, but evidently true.

One additional warning to remember: June is one of the worst months for car-deer accidents because animals are on the move. Extra caution is advised.

Again, simple rules but hard to follow. Rest assured though, if you forget this year you’ll get another reminder next spring.