Farm Bureau right to rally reform support

Ward County Farm Bureau is circulating a letter to taxpayers encouraging interested members of the community to attend Thursday evening’s planning commission meeting for the public hearing on the controversial right of way issue.

Minot Daily News joins the Farm Bureau in encouraging active and vocal participation at the meeting, should taxpayers feel strongly about the county’s land grab.

As chief proponent of a change in the bad existing county policy, the Farm Bureau has successfully rallied residents, prompting solid turnout at a previous planning commission meeting. Still, the county commission later signaled it opposed the change. Hopefully, a significant showing will be organized once again for this week’s meeting and at the May 2 county commission meeting where a vote will be taken.

Only through a show of strong public support will there be any chance of reform. The county commission has demonstrated it has little regard for rank-and-file residents, so only a show of force can have any real influence. Whatever comes out of the public hearing, there is likely to be some resistance from the county commission – overcoming that will be no easy feat.

Perhaps some who opposed a reform in policy have changed their minds. Perhaps some have decided that instead of advocating for what is best for their home and family, they can just leave it to the county commission to make decisions for them. After all, about property owners opposed to the land grab, Commissioner Alan Walter previously asserted, “These people are making a huge mistake.”

This week’s planning commission meets on Thursday, April 20, at 7 p.m.