First day of spring promises much

You don’t hear anybody cheering for the first day of winter. Summer, maybe. Fall? Nope.

But spring. Oh, rain or shine, there is the promise of better days to come. Kites buoyed aloft by gentle breezes, May baskets, cookouts.

Soon farmers will be planting seeds in the ground, not knowing whether they will get a viable stand much less a crop at the end of the growing season. Will the markets be kind? Who knows?

Yet, they plant. That is optimism. In many cases, faith.

Minot, the region, the entire state in fact has concerns that could use a healthy dose of optimism about now. The Legislature is trying to wrap things up as painlessly as possible while the revenue forecasts grow bleaker and bleaker.

On the line locally is money for schools, roads, flood control and the like – the new and old necessities of life.

All that comes while there is a new administration in power in this country. In North Dakota, ag, energy and national defense are our bread and butter. Will they hold their value in the years to come?

We indeed have reason to be concerned about the future, and we need to act when and where we can. In fact, we’d be foolish not to.

But at this particular point in time we also need to gin up some optimism. Maybe even turn to faith; it’s soon planting time.

Happy spring!