Common courtesy should prevent police involvement with loose pets

There is plenty of crime to go around in Minot. Sadly, law enforcement and criminal justice professionals have their hands filled with serious crime that is a detriment to the community.

Fido running loose is hardly a serious crime (unless he’s a biter) for the most part. Still, while pets are one of life’s most rewarding experiences, reasonable regulations in town are a necessary reality. While most pet owners are responsible, as detailed in yesterday’s Minot Daily News, there are still situations in which authorities have to intervene in cases when some owners might be a little less responsible than they should be.

Realistically, that shouldn’t happen and it is an unfortunate siphon of resources best spent elsewhere.

The solution is not to cease enforcement of animal at large regulations. It’s common courtesy. If one is unable to provide an appropriate setting for, and appropriate supervision of a pet, then one shouldn’t have one. Besides whatever problems an irresponsible owner makes for the community, it isn’t fair to the pet either.

Pets (like children) aren’t robots. They don’t always do as instructed. It’s entirely understandable that things sometimes happen, like a dog escaping a leash or finding a way to flee his back yard in search of adventure. Anyone who has experienced this on occasion has probably found neighbors and authorities pretty understanding.

However, persistent or egregious actions or irresponsibility with one’s pet is different – it’s simply discourteous and, yes, potentially dangerous.

Let’s try to be courteous, responsible pet owners and police ourselves so we don’t add any unnecessary burden to local authorities. It’s the right thing to do.