Operation Round Up — people helping people

We do believe in good intentions. People in the Minot area, we trust, would like very much to help out a neighbor in need.

And we do, or some of us anyway. But sometimes it takes the power of suggestion, and a sound vehicle to make our giving regular. Who better than business?

That seems to be the case with Verendrye Electric Cooperative’s Operation Round Up. The fund has raised about $1 million since it started in 1996, just a few cents at a time

Here’s how it works. Verendrye customers – the givers – agree to have their monthly electric bill rounded up to the nearest dollar with the gifted portion of the payment going into the Round Up fund.

It might sound like chump change, but hey, $1 million says otherwise.

Some of the recipients of the Round Up donations have included, for example, Hope Village and the Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

Hope Village, of course, was instrumental in flood recovery in the Minot area. The grant to the animal shelter helped that group take in more animals and provide better living conditions when the local population swelled due to oil production.

With the average monthly donation from each customer being around 50 cents, Operation Round Up is one of those rare examples of how small donations and little effort can make a big impact.

We look forward in the coming years to hearing further examples of how the customers of Verendrye Electric are making a difference in their communities. This program works.