Giving blood saves lives

It’s always a good day to save a life. If you are in the Kenmare area, here’s your chance.

United Blood Services is in need of donors and to make it convenient for givers has planned blood drives in the region. The drive today takes place from noon to 5 p.m. at the Memorial Hall in Kenmare. On Thursday they’ll be in Towner and July 21 in Max.

Have you ever given or thought about giving blood? It’s really not as big a deal as one might think, unless the person is on the receiving end. Then it’s a huge deal. Imagine yourself or a loved one in desperate need of blood.

Minot Daily News reporter Phil Torres, in a recent article, explained the whole process quite effectively:

“Donating blood takes about an hour, but the needle is only in the person’s arm for about five minutes. You check in at the front desk, read through the materials given to you, your vital signs will be taken and a mini physical done. Then you answer a few questions to make sure you’re interested in donating. Then they’ll do the prep work for blood to be drawn, draw the blood, patch up the needle mark and send you to recover for a few minutes while having some refreshments. Donors will be sent on their way in 10 to 15 minutes after it’s sure there are no complications.”

Blood drive are held routinely throughout the region, so if you hear or read about one near you, please consider donating. There are some restrictions on who may donate, especially if the donor is taking medications, so if you are considering it, give United Blood Services a call and ask questions.