Enjoy the taste of North Dakota this summer

Later this week, Minot Daily News will be exploring the wealth of farmer’s markets in town and the region. But don’t let too much time pass before you get out and explore them on your own. Local farmer’s markets are one of the joys of the summer season.

One of the downsides of modern society is how far removed we are from the food that we eat. Most of the time, we haven’t any idea where that tomato comes from or where that cow was raised. Yet, we are told that eating closer to food’s point of origin is healthier, and it is certainly tastier. In the winter, obviously, there are limited options. But then along comes summer, and the farmers and ranchers from the region proudly ply their incredible products at numerous farmers markets in and around Minot.

Farmer’s markets empower you to support local agriculture while enjoying local products of quality beyond compare. Enjoy true farm-to-table taste. Make it a family affair and take your children. Teach them the difference between store-bought and fresh ingredients and continue the lesson at home. Do children today know that there are a variety of salad greens and that they have distinct and delightful flavors? Have they tasted the difference between a naturally ripened local tomato and the often bland ones with which most people are familiar. Farmer’s markets help us reconnect to the land, to our rural roots.

Summer has plenty to enjoy in Minot and the region. Farmer’s markets should be a part of that for everyone.