City correct to hear complaints from mobile home residents

It’s good to see the City of Minot finally taking some responsibility for the problems caused to former residents of Odd’s Mobile Home Park by a city relocation problem. This week, City Manager Lee Staab announced these mobile home owners were being contacted and offered the chance to share their concerns with the city.

Previously the city paid to remove the homes after purchasing Odd’s as part of the flood protection project. Numerous of the mobile home owners subsequently complained about the city consultant managing the relocation and the contractor who executed the plan.

Initially, the city seemed to want nothing to do with resident complaints, instead directing questions and criticism at nebulous consultant CDM Smith. It was a haughty bit of hand-washing. Exasperated homeowners clamored for accountability and an organization representing mobile home owners called for an investigation.

The city’s decision to now hear complaints is at least a step in the direction of accountability and toward expressing some sympathy. After all, it was a city program that began this mess in the first place.

Congratulations to homeowners for getting the attention of the city; and to the City of Minot for listening. Hopefully there can be an amicable solution, even though an investigation of the program is very much needed, so as to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.