Oak Park Shopping Center a sign of re-birth

With news that both the trampoline center and returning theater are in the pipeline for the near future at Oak Park Shopping Center, we are about to lose yet another reminder of the flood of 2011.

Oak Park was one of the city’s first shopping centers and for many years, and through many tenants, was a center for commerce and entertainment. Its movie theater was a favorite for families in Minot as well. It was devastated by the flood in 2011 and has been largely an eyesore and visceral reminder of the flood ever since.

Well, that eyesore will instead soon be evidence of a resurgent Minot, with a much-anticipated new recreation vendor featuring trampolines and a new movie theater. The new shopping center will once again be an attraction for families throughout the region.

Congratulations and a big thanks for those who have remained committed to bringing Oak Park Shopping Center back.