Miss Minot Pageant back in town

Congratulations to our new Miss Minot, Cassandra Stauffer.

She was chosen from a field of six candidates Sunday at the State Fair Center in front of an excited and appreciative crowd.

It has been many years since the city held a Miss Minot Pageant so it was even more of a special day for the young women, and the city as a whole. Welcome back, Miss Minot.

It takes a lot of confidence to stand on a stage before a crowd and compete for a sparkling tiara, even when you know it’s not a beauty pageant but a scholarship pageant. The rest of today’s youth could latch onto that kind of courage and apply it in their own lives. Thanks, ladies, for being such fine examples to follow.

Thanks also is due to the organizers of the pageant, especially the two women who recognized the positive message such pageants deliver, even when they are sometimes criticized as being so much fluff leftover from an earlier time in America. Those two women, co-directors Terri Philion and Bethany Ryan, deserve a big thumbs up for taking on such a task, and for pulling it off in just six weeks.

And lest we forget, congratulations to all of the winners in the other categories judged Sunday.

As for Miss Minot, we hope to see a lot of her in the coming months, hopefully at the Miss America Pageant. Best of luck to you, Cassandra.