Move slowly on changing trash collection

There are plenty of valid arguments on both sides of the debate over recycling/changing the way trash service is administered in Minot. In fact, both those in favor of the proposed changes and those opposed to them make such strong arguments that it would be a wise idea to take some time, examine all possible ramifications and try to collect as much public input as possible. While the City of Minot has exerted solid effort to encourage residents to speak up, public participation in the process is still minimal, which is always a shame. Residents need to do some homework, ask some questions and speak up one way or another.

Proponents of the plan rightly assert the need to compensate for a rapidly growing landfill and for alternatives.

Opponents are right to worry about the cost if not now, then in the future. Programs like this have a habit of suddenly growing in expense and once they’re instituted, they rarely go away or see fundamental reform. Similarly, many times, efforts that seem to be environmentally friendly on the front end turn out to be environmentally unfriendly on the back end.

Additional concerns revolve around the idea of cutting city workers, although open positions and attrition may mitigate for that; and for practicalities such as elderly and handicapped residents transporting containers through heavy snow.

There are always unforeseen ramifications tomorrow from decisions made today. Decisions made hastily or emotionally motivated generally prompt the worst future effects.

Why not slow down and make sure all options have been examined to help better ensure the best long-term impact.