Graduates— enjoy your day

Birthdays, holidays, wedding and employment anniversaries. Those are important dates to remember.

Days to remember, on the other hand, are much more numerous. Most are unnumbered, difficult to manage and thus tend to slip away from us as we age. Students graduating from Minot State University today will learn that some day. Will they recall, for example …

The first time they walked onto the MSU campus and found a new friend within hours.

Studying for their first college exam and what grade they got.

Lingering too long in the Student Union and having to sprint across campus for class.

Sitting through a freezing rain at a football game out of some sense of loyalty that they may not have experienced in high school.

Moving out of the dorm in each spring, saying goodbye to friends and then reuniting in the fall.

Certainly they will remember their lone walk across the stage to get that diploma, earned one credit, one over-priced book at a time.

Then the day will come. The day they have to start repaying those college loans. For some the burden will be large, for others not so much. But little do few if any of them realize now that they have another red-letter day awaiting them.

In time, maybe 20 years from now, they’ll figure it out. It will dawn on them that MSU actually didn’t charge them enough for everything they learned and experienced while in college.

For now, graduates, enjoy this day your day. You’ve earned it.