Consider teens for jobs this summer

It’s not a groundbreaking observation to point out that many businesses are very much in need of good employees in Minot.

In just a couple of weeks, students will be out of school for summer break. This presents a good opportunity for a win-win decision. This year, if you’re in need of an employee, consider hiring a teenager, even if it will only be for a few months before high school starts again or graduates go off to college.

Many teens will be encouraged to work this summer and congratulations to those who do and for parents who advocate for employment. Young people need the challenge, the discipline and the responsibility that come with work. Young people who develop a work ethic and even the basic skills required for employment will have a distinct advantage in college and/or the adult work environment for years to come. In a world where self-esteem is too often considered a commodity to be handed out with participation trophies, earning the real thing through hard work, determination and accomplishment is at a premium.

There are certainly jobs seen as being quintessentially for teens the service industry and fast food in particular. But it isn’t just these businesses in Minot that are clamoring for employees. Teens can do more than flip burgers and the right one can help with all sorts of needs, from office work to beginning to learn a trade or profession over the course of a summer of helping out.

Besides the advantages to students and to employers, it also benefits the community to hire a teen this summer. Idle time isn’t always a great thing and we know that today there are too many ways for young people to get in trouble.

Whether it’s for a traditional summer gig, helping upgrade a home or helping with office work, Minot businesses are encouraged to consider filling the multitude of open positions with a young person this summer. It might not serve to address long-term employment challenges, but it will do a lot of good in the meantime.