Turf war should stay at home

We can appreciate what Sen. Oley Larsen and Rep. Dan Ruby of Minot are attempting to do to safeguard the Pioneer Village at the State Fairgrounds.

But taking the fight to the Legislature was the wrong thing to do. More important matters need to be addressed in Bismarck.

No, this dispute should have been settled on a playground in Minot a long time ago.

In a nutshell, the State Fair Association wants to use the land the Ward County Historical Society has its Pioneer Village on within the fairgrounds. The two entities went to court over the issue and bottom line, the museum is still there. Where we have previously said it should be. But that’s beside the point.

Before another minute is devoted to Senate Bill 2298, let’s see the Legislature prepare for a likely major leak in its oil tax pipeline while paying now for needed infrastructure in the very counties where the leaks might spring.

And what about education, rising property taxes, etc.?

No, legislators should have let the turf war in Minot run its course. It’s largely a local issue and they had enough to do already.