9/11 memories/natural disasters must galvanize the nation

If there is one thing we should take away from this day of bad memories – both new and old – is that this nation cannot afford to be divided going forth.

Perhaps we are not truly as divided as some in the media or in politics (feel free to use the words “media” and “politics” interchangeably here) want us to believe. Let’s hope the country is not, as they say, morphing into even more and even less tolerant camps of core beliefs.

But if it is, and if that is OK with you, perhaps you should revisit what we have all been through together since 9/11 by reading the memories two of our readers, shared in this edition.

Doing so will take you back to a terrible, dark day but also remind you of how the country bonded together after the attacks on the East Coast by men addicted to hate, having zero respect for human life.

Look at any news channel today and you’ll see the results of an entirely different assault on America’s coasts. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have brought massive destruction to American cities whose citizens desperately need our help and support now if they are to rebuild. They are suffering now.

Hopefully, this Congress will be able to rise above politics and provide the kind of financial support needed in Texas, Florida and any other states that were in the path of these storms. Hopefully, some lasting good will come from our elected leaders having to work together in the crucial days ahead.