Protect the whole family from heat conditions

Taking precautions in high heat and humidity is only smart. When taking the weather into consideration, lets not forget our four-legged family members. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean they are immune to risks from a heat wave.

These days, people are more sensitive than in the past to keeping dogs locked in cars, even with the window cracked. Still, it happens. When it’s 60 degrees outside, few would voice any complaint. By the time the thermometer hits the 80s however, just the site of a pet alone in a hot car will send people scrambling to call for help. And for good reason. Dogs and cats are as susceptible to heat stroke and dehydration as people.

The classic dog-in-the-locked-car isn’t the only situation to avoid. At home, we need to make sure pets have adequate cover and constant access to clean water. Dogs, particularly those with light-colored coats can burn like humans. Other common recommendations include keeping your dog’s coat trimmed to help him stay cool; make sure to supervise a swimming pet; and keep to moderate exercise during the cooler parts of the day.

With proper care and supervision, summer should be as enjoyable a time for our pets as it is for the rest of us.

Let’s make sure to keep our animal companions safe.