Little sympathy for today’s bored

There was a time when people who said there was “nothing to do” in Minot had some credibility.

No more. At least if you have a passing interest in anything or are at willing to give something new a try.

This past weekend is a good example of the wide variety of activities Minot affords residents and visitors alike.

The list of community events in Saturday’s paper included, to name a few, a family paint at the Taube Museum of Art, Wild About Wheels, the Frozen Fingers music festival, and an aviation camp for kids at the Dakota Air Museum. Plus, there was tons of live entertainment for adults at the local taverns and sporting events galore that could be attended by anyone.

Remember when you were a kid with nothing to do and your parents told you to “make your own fun”? Minot businesses have gotten good at that, such as all of the cooking classes available at Gourmet Chef and fun art classes at Margie’s Art Studio. A newest business whose owners are putting themselves out there is The Bread Box. It’s a small bakery and cafe downtown that took a leap of faith by hosting a cocktail party at The Grand Hotel over the weekend. Hopefully that went well for them.

All of these businesses and ones making similar efforts are to be commended for going after business rather than waiting for business to come to them. To them we say, keep it up, shake things up, make life in Minot even more interesting and fresh.

We can’t wait to hear people complain that there is too much to do in Minot on their weekends or other days off. That would be most refreshing.