Build Minot campaign a chance to be heard

It’s an unfortunate reality that people are more prone to express in the negative than the positive. It is simply easy, requiring nothing, to complain about something one does not like or perceived as bad. On the other hand, to propose the positive, to offer suggestions, takes imagination, problem solving skills and thought.

Here in Minot, the community is in need of big ideas and of innovation. It is this kind of thinking that propels a community, its residents and institutions to be the best they can be.

Minot Public Library’s Build Minot community engagement campaign provides just such an opportunity, specifically its building block component coming soon to local buildings near you.

Building blocks and markers will be posted at participating locations and residents are encouraged to jot down ideas on improving the city. The folks at the library will then take the suggestions and send them along to institutions that might be interested in them and/or might be able to bring the ideas to life.

Obviously there will be limitations on what can get done based solely on an idea. But ideas circulate, take hold and take on a life of their own as people talk and share them. Every big accomplishment starts with an idea.

Have a suggestion, a vision, a recommendation on what could improve the community? This is your opportunity to be heard. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

Thanks to the Minot Public Library for this initiative.