Nona Lillard

March 27,1930-Jan. 22,2018

Nona Lillard, 87, Scotts-

dale, Arizona, passed

away Monday, January 22,

2018, at assisted living in

Mesa, Arizona. She was

born on March 27, 1930 to

Clifford and Bet Knoke of

Willow City, ND, where

she grew up on the family

farm. She graduated from

Willow City High School

and attended MacPhail

College of Music in Min-

neapolis, MN. After living

the rest of her life. SHe

worked at Capital Casting

at Tempe, Az. for many

years until her retirement.

In her retirement she was

very involved in the Glass

and Garden Church in

Scottsdale, Az.

Nona will be remem-

bered for her wit and

sense of humor and

whomever she met

couldn’t help but have a

smile on his and her face.

She was very artistaclly

talented in singing, sew-

ing, drawing, painting and

home decorating.

She is survived by: her

sister Joanne (Leo) Chris-

tiansen, Bowbells, ND and

Diane Boetel (Bill) Wal-

drom, Apache Junction

Az, five nieces and one


She was preceded in

death by: her parents,

Clifford and Beth Knoke

and sister, Marian Wetzel.