Andrew Augustine

Oct. 9, 1993-Jan. 29, 2018

Andrew (Drew) Ryan

Augustine (also known as:

Andrew Ryan!! *mom

voice*, Drewpers, Drew-

by, Drewy, Uncle Drew-

dles, Drewbs, Hunnee,

Brother! *annoying sister

voice*, Brodder, Dumb

Ass, and probably many

others) passed away on

January 29, 2018 in Lake-

wood Colorado.

Drew was born on Oc-

tober 9, 1993 in Denver,

Colorado to Greg & Mary

(Judd) Augustine. Drew

was raised in Lakewood,

Colorado, attending Green

Mountain Village

Preschool, Hutchinson

Elementary School, Dun-

stan Middle School,

Green Mountain High

School, and Red Rocks

Community College.

Growing up in Colora-

do, Drew loved the moun-

tains. His passions be-

came snowboarding, hik-

ing, camping and, at

much to the disliking of

his mother, rock climbing,

dirt biking, and just plain

messing around. He had

incredible talent in every-

thing he put his mind to.

With his sister, Holly Au-

gustine, growing up in

and around Advanced Au-

tomotive in Golden,

Colorado, the family’s

business developed one of

his many interests and

talents: cars and all things

that go fast. He was never

officially trained to work

on cars, it just came to

him. As soon as he could

hold a screw driver, he

was taking things apart,

some of the things which

were not meant to be.

Holly, 26 years old, and

Drew, 24 years old, were

born 21 months apart

both in Denver, Colorado

at Saint Joseph’s Hospital.

They were close from the

start of Drew’s life, doing

everything together. To-

gether they participated in

swim team early on in life

in addition to motocross

and snowboarding. They

then went on to join the

Westernaires horse drill

team organization in

2002. Drew advanced

through the organization,

developing friendships

that he still has today.

Drew was part of the Cal-

vary, Red Steppes, Bull

Whips, and the Varsity

Red Team. Holly and

Drew were the first

brother/sister siblings to

be part of the Varsity

team, traveling all over

Colorado and to Nebraska

with their horses Buddy

and Boyfriend. Drew re-

ferred to Boyfriend as

“Biff” as he jokingly re-

fused to use the name.

Drews first outside job

was at Discount Tires.

There Drew made new

lifelong friends and furth-

er developed his talent of

interacting with people.

Drew had an incredible

talent of communicating

with anyone. He had a

way of being professional

that was a way beyond his

time. Between pranks

and sing along to songs

badly, he goofed off a lot,

and his character started

to flourish here. Here is

were he earned the money

to buy his first car, a 1995

Honda Accord, which be-

came his pride and joy.

Taking it on an adventure

up a jeep trail, no it didn’t

have the clearance for

that, and then building it

into a “race car”.

In November of 2012

Drew started a new ad-

venture and chapter in his

life moving to North

Dakota. In December of

that year he went to work

for his new brother-in-law

at craft electric in Stanley,

ND. Here his talents were

evident and soon he was

maintaining the fleet of

over 50 oilfield service

trucks and other equip-

ment operated by the


Drew started his adult-

hood early on, always be-

ing wiser beyond his age,

moving to North Dakota at

18 years old. He furth-

ered his adult indepen-

dence by purchasing his

own home in Minot.

Making additions to the

home with the help of his

father. In this new en-

vironment Drew quickly

made many new friends

both at and outside work.

He developed new pas-

sions such as spending

time at the lakes fishing

for Walleye and riding

his motorcycle. He joined

the I II V Motorcycle

Club, started out as a

prospect. Building rela-

tionships with people

who didn’t become just

friends, but family.

On January 23rd, 2016

Drew met his special

partner Kendall Brehm.

He was wearing a gray

tutu, underwear, work

boots, and his cut (a leath-

er motorcycle club vest).

And of course his doofy

grin. It was love at first

sight for the two.

Through this relationship

he also gained an unoffi-

cially adopted son Moxon.

The Trio would fish often

and ride dirt bikes. Drew

became a father figure to

Mox, teaching him guitar,

handwork, dirt bikes, and

everything in between.

Mox is aspiring mechanic

because of impact Drew

made on his life.

In March of 2016, Drew

changed jobs and began

working at Ryan Nissan in

Minot, ND. While work-

ing here, after his 8 years

of experience, he success-

fully passed all 8 ASC

Master Automotive

Technician tests on the

first try, certifying him as

a Master Tech by the age

of 23. Drew also com-

pleted his certification as

a Nissan Certified Tech-

nician. In 2017 he

transferred to Ryan Chev-

rolet in Minot to continue

his career as a Diesel


In October 2017, Drew

decided to leave North

Dakota to come back to

Colorado, living with his

sister, he began working

at his father’s shop as a

mechanic. With his

move, he enjoyed hanging

out with his friends from

Colorado again. Most of

which he had been

friends with since high


Drew fought with the

decisions with what to do

with his life in the few

months before his death.

Drew was multi-talented

in many different ways

that he had endless op-

portunities in what he

could do. This proved to

be a difficult choice for

him. While battling

depression along side his

mother, he chose to limit

the people who knew, as

he attempted to gain con-

trol of his life. The last

decision Drew made was

one that he believed to

end his pain and suffer-

ing. This was his deci-

sion, once he makes a de-

cision, you cannot change

his mind. Although some

have opinions on Drew

choice, this was not a self-

ish act. He did not want

his monsters to be a bur-

den and wanted his

friends and family to

know that his struggle

was over.

Drew was preceded in

Death by: His

Grandparents Charles

Judd, Judith Morris (Bra-

den), and Rita Dent


Drew is survived by:

Mother Mary (Jeffrey)

Sather, Norwich, North

Dakota Father, Greg (Me-

linda) Augustine, Lake-

wood, Colorado Sister,

Holly Augustine, Lake-

wood, Colorado Step Si-

blings, Carmen (Chris) La-

tella, Medford, New Jersey

Kristi (Michael) Walen,

Minot, North Dakota Carly

(Kyle) Coffman, Puyallup,

Washington Taryn Sather,

Fargo, North Dakota Tyler

Sather, Bozeman, Monta-

na Grand Father Calvin

(Debbie) Augustine, San

Clemente, California Un-

cle Bill Judd, Lakewood,

Colorado Aunts Cathy

(Jim) Griffith, Littleton,

Colorado Robyn (Russell)

Tull, Corona, California

Shelli Augustine, River-

side, California Cousins,

nieces, and nephews Spe-

cial Canine Friend, Mur-

phy (“My half black