Everett Fisher

Oct. 3, 1962-Nov. 29, 2017

Everett Perry “Bulls

Eye” Fisher, (Spotted

Horn), 55, New Town,

died Wednesday, No-

vember 29, 2017 in a

Henderson, Nevada hospi-


Everett was born Oc-

tober 3, 1962, in Minot, to

Harold Fisher and Mariam

Bulls Eye. He was named

after his uncle, Perry

Willis Brady. He was a

member of the Flint Knife

Clan. He was raised in

Shell Creek and attended

school in New Town

where he graduated in


Everett was once mar-

ried to Cindy Heise and

through this union he was

blessed with his first

daughter, Jessica. He later

welcomed two more

daughters, Sky Rain and

Alicia, with companion

Linda Follows the Road.

Everett loved to travel.

His wandering free spirit

took him across the Unit-

ed States. He enjoyed

fishing on Lake Saka-

kawea in North Dakota to

deep sea fishing off of Ca-

talina Island in California.

He was a private person;

he liked to play guitar and

watch rodeo. He also en-

joyed being around

horses. His favorite foot-

ball team was the Denver


Everett is survived by:

his daughters, Jessica

Lindley (Brandon) of New

Town, Sky Rain Mitzel of

West Fargo and Alicia

Mitzel of Detroit Lakes,

MN; grandchildren, Col-

ten Uran, Katelyn Lindley

and Brayden Lindley; spe-

cial nephew, Wylee Bears

Tail; brother, Dean Brady;

sisters, Jackie Bears Tail

(Daryl) and Reverta Drags

Wolf (Mike); aunts, Linda

Driver and Claudia Mason

(Matthew); uncles, Delvin

Driver (Kay) and Marvin

Driver. He was preceded

in death by: his parents;

grandparents, Jim Driver

and Edna Bad Gun; adopt-

ed grandparents, Bulls

Eye; sister, Georgia Fox;

aunts, Germain Fox, Allis-

on Hall, Hazel Blake and

Dorothy Rabbithead; un-

cles Francis Driver Sr. and

Paul Driver Sr.

Funeral: Tuesday, De-

cember 5, 2017 at 10 a.m.

in New Town Civic

Center, New Town

His wake was held

Monday in the Civic


Burial: Holy Family US

Scouts Cemetery, Shell

Creek, ND

(Langhans Funeral

Home, Parshall