Rick Jorgensen

Sept. 14, 1944 – Jan. 11, 2017

Rick A. Jorgensen, 72,

Orting, Wash., formerly of

the Antler area, died Jan.

11, 2017, in Tacoma.

Family:  his beloved

wife, Ellen; two sons,

James (Cory) Kirby, and

Thomas Jorgenson; five

daughters, Honey Tho-

mas, Tina Gleason, Ivy

Conrad Elliot, Jennifer Joy

Comacho, and Lisa Potter;

several grandchildren and


mother, Bessie Jorgensen;

brother, Reed (Beth) Jor-

gensen; two sisters, Re-

becca Jorgensen and Ruth

Lytle; several nieces,

nephews and cousins; and

a grateful host of friends

of both early country

music and early automo-

tive lovers and collectors.

Rick was preceded in

death by his father; and

son, Victor II.

Memorial Service:  1

p.m., Sunday, Jan. 29,

2017, at the Seventh Ad-

ventist Church, 301 South

Baltimore, Tacoma, Wash.

Burial:  Antler

Cemetery, Antler, in the


(Brose Funeral Home,