Boozefighters MC Chapter 91 in Minot hosts fundraiser to help PATH as one of their ways of giving back to the Minot community

Boozefighters MC Chapter 91 hosts fundraiser to help PATH

Submitted Photo The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club Chapter 91 is one of the oldest motorcycle club in the world. It has chapters all over the world including one in Williston and Boozefighters MC Chapter 91 in Minot.

Minot is filled with groups and clubs that want to do good and give back to the community. One motorcycle group, Boozefighters MC Chapter 91, is working hard to do just that.

On May 11, the motorcycle club will be hosting its first ever event to benefit PATH North Dakota here in Minot. The event will be a car and bike show and Boozefighters has one simple goal: to raise as much money as possible for PATH.

Nick “Tipsy” Tibbits, a member of Boozefighters MC Chapter 91, said, “We’ve been looking for a charitable organization to go for. I just kind of searched around and one thing I didn’t know about North Dakota was that we had a foster care. I just did my research and talked with Tonya and Becky of PATH and it seemed like a really good choice.”

The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club is based out of California and is one of the oldest clubs in the world. The club was founded by WWII veterans and grew to have clubs in not only different states, but different countries as well.

“We have a max in how many we can have in a chapter and once we hit that, we just have to kind of build and build,” Tibbits said.

The first North Dakota Boozefighters Chapter was started in Williston. When they hit their max, members that were travelling from Minot decided to start a chapter here and Boozefighters MC Chapter 91 was formed in 2011.

For Tibbits, joining Boozefighters was an obvious choice. His dad was a part of the motorcycle club and what Tibbits really liked what he saw in the club.

“Once I’d seen the family aspect of this club, I just really wanted to take part in it,” he explained. “I was 14 years old when I first came around Boozefighters and it really changed my outlook on everything.”

Boozefighters have a totem pole of priorities for their club: family, job, club. Family always comes first and for Tibbits, that show what is most important for the motorcycle club.

“We have our totem pole of what comes first. It speaks volumes to us that family comes first and I think that’s why we’re all a little touched in the heart that we can help out PATH,” he said.

Members of the motorcycle believe in living every day to the fullest, whether it be riding, having fun or helping the community that they are a part of.

Tibbits says that despite how they look, the motorcycle club isn’t scary and they are just a fun bunch who like to have a good time and help out.

“Don’t be afraid of us. We’re nice guys. I think a lot of people get that mentality of Sons of Anarchy and its not the case at all. I mean, we’re a fun bunch. We’re not against drinking, we have some fun, but as long as everyone show respect, we’re cool,” he said.

Boozefighters MC Chapter 91 is big on doing good for the community and works to attend every event in Minot that they can. As a nonprofit club, this means their giving back comes from themselves.

“All the money we have for our chapter is from our own dues, out of our pockets, so we just throw that back out to the community and help out whatever cause is going on that weekend,” Tibbits said.

The club has been talking about putting on a big fundraising event since their conception since they started.

The event will feature a car and bike show, a silent auction, vendors and kids activities. A big family friendly event, that they hope will bring out lots of people for a good cause.

“We’re just trying to hit every aspect of society as possible,” he said. “I just want anybody and everybody to show up to our event.”


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