ND congressional members back Trump on strengthening border security

Members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation said they support President Trump in his efforts to strengthen border security.

On Friday, Trump declared a national emergency to get $8 billion to build the wall at the U.S. and Mexico border. He spoke at an event in the Rose Garden, delivering remarks on the national security and humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

“As he’s said from day one, President Trump will address the crisis at the southern border, whether or not Congress does. Today he fulfilled that promise and acted – not without precedent – to put national security first,” said Sen. Kevin Cramer.

“U.S. presidents from both parties have declared 58 national emergencies starting with President Carter in 1979, and 31 are still in effect today. We support the President’s efforts to strengthen border security and will continue working with him to secure the additional funding needed to construct physical barriers at the southern border. Border security is a vital part of our national security,” said Sen. John Hoeven.

“The crisis on our southern border needs to be addressed now and President Trump did what needs to be done by declaring a national emergency. For years, Congress and past administrations have kicked this can down the road,” said Congressman Kelly Armstrong.


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