Travis Nabozny, Minot,

found not guilty of aggravated reckless driving

Travis Lyle Nabozny, 37, Minot, was found not guilty by a jury on Wednesday of Class A misdemeanor aggravated reckless driving.

Nabozny had been accused of swerving and hitting the back of the South Prairie school bus as it was preparing to turn at the school corner 10 miles south of Minot on April 27, 2017. Nabozny had initially been charged with driving while intoxicated, but the charge was later amended to A misdemeanor reckless driving, the charge of which he was acquitted.

Four student members of the school track team and a driver were on the bus at the time. No one was seriously injured.

Nabozny pleaded guilty on Monday in district court in Minot to Class B misdemeanor driving with a suspended driver’s license, a charge stemming from the same incident. Judge Richard Hagar sentenced Nabozny to the 18 days he has already served in the Ward County Jail and ordered him to pay $350 in court costs.