SWAT called to rural farmstead

Shots fired in terrorizing incident

ANAMOOSE – The Minot SWAT team was called to a rural farmstead in Sheridan County during late afternoon this past Sunday. The incident resulted in the arrest of Darren Geigle, 44, on two counts of terrorizing, class C felonies.

According to an affidavit filed in South Central District Court, the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department was advised by State Radio of a domestic dispute with shots fired at a rural farmstead. State Radio also relayed information that Geigle was possibly inside the house with his wife and child present and had made threats to kill his wife.

Further reports through State Radio advised that Geigle was possibly barracading himself in the upstairs of the home or in an adjacent shop where five firearms were stored. A responding deputy contacted Geigle’s wife by telephone and she said Darren Geigle had recently left her a voicemail stating, “If I could kill you, I could kill you and bury you out here.”

Geigle’s wife stated that Darren Geigle was upstairs in the home and that she and her kids were outside. Deputies from Pierce, Wells and McHenry counties were able to bring Geigle’s wife and children to safety but not before a “shot and explosion” were heard. Shortly thereafter the Minot SWAT team arrived on the scene, approached the residence and took Darren Geigle into custody without incident.

A preliminary hearing for Geigle on the two charges of terrorizing has been set for Oct. 3 in South Central District Court in Washburn. A jury trial has been scheduled for Feb. 7, 2019.