Stacy Pederson, Minot, charged with assaulting police officer, actual physical control

Stacy Ann Pederson, 56, Minot, is charged with Class C felony simple assault on a police officer after she allegedly kicked and threatened officers while resisting arrest on Sept. 6.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, police received a report that a woman in a car was blowing her horn and yelling at another woman. Police located her n the D row of Gold Nugget Trailer Park. Pederson was yelling inside the vehicle, leaning on the car horn and, according to female witnesses, was yelling about killing them and threw something at one of their cars and dented it. Officer Jay Bloyer approached the vehicle. When she rolled the window down, he could smell alcohol. He asked Pederson to step out of the vehicle which she did. She had a large bulge in her pocket and he was afraid it might be a weapon. He patted her down and she objected verbally and physically. Bloyer wrote that she swung her elbow towards his body, swung her arms with clenched fists to try to punch the officer, and kicked him multiple times in the shins and upper thighs. He eventually subdued her and handcuffed her. He did not find any weapons, but he did find several sets of keys that had fallen out during the struggle. Pederson yelled at the officers that she was going to kill them, take their jobs, kill their families and that they would burn in hell, according to the affidavit. She also attempted to kick another officer. When they got her in the patrol car, Pederson allegedly continued to say she would find the officers outside of work and kill them and also used racial epithets and obscenities.

Pederson is also charged with actual physical control of a motor vehicle, a Class B misdemeanor, in Minot Municipal Court.