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Laker Zone brings With Room Coffee to Burlington

Coaches from Des-Lacs Burlington High School gave Deanna Wille different jerseys from different eras to decorate The Laker Zone in Burlington.

BURLINGTON – Deanna Wille started The Laker Zone in Burlington last year as a place for the community to come together and enjoy delicious, nutritional drinks in their own backyard.

“We’re a really small community and I just wanted to bring something here for the kids and the community,” Wille said. “It’s a healthy nutritional choice (and) it’s a safe place to be.”

Wille had been going to different nutrition clubs in Minot and noticed that other residents in the Burlington area were doing the same. Eventually, she decided she would open a nutrition club of her own with Herbalife products in Burlington.

“I think Burlington needs more business,” Wille said. “I just wish we had a main street but we’ll work with what we’ve got.”

She found what is The Laker Zone today as a house for rent that was zoned commercial behind the Cenex on Johnson Street. With commercial space hard to come by in Burlington, Wille was thrilled. One call to the property management and one call to the city later, Wille had the okay to bring the shop and hangout to Burlington. The Laker Zone is located at 109 Second Avenue West.

The Laker Zone, located at 109 Second Avenue West in Burlington, has started selling iced protein coffee made with With Room Coffee’s cold brew.

“It was meant to be,” she said. “After that, everything just fell into place… It took us a month to build this out and where else can you do that.”

The community in Burlington has wrapped their arms around Wille and The Laker Zone and has helped it become a hidden gem of the area.

Coaches from Des Lacs-Burlington High School brought over some Laker gear to decorate the space with old uniforms and memorabilia.

“The volleyball players and basketball players will all come and get shakes before their games,” Wille said with a smile.

Not only for the Lakers, members of the Minot High girls swim team recently had some team bonding at the little shop in Burlington.

At The Laker Zone, guests can find protein shakes, energizing tea bombs, teas and shots of aloe. Some of their fun flavors include French Toast, Blueberry Muffin, Scotcharoo, Chocolate Cover Strawberry and many more.

“So you walk in and you can get a shake, tea and a shot of aloe, or you can buy them separately,” Wille said. “And now we have the iced protein coffee.”

Recently, Wille partnered with With Room Coffee to bring their cold brew to Burlington to make protein coffee drinks.

“I had mentioned to one of their employees that it would be interesting to partner with (With Room Coffee) to bring an iced protein coffee out here,” Wille said. “The employee, (Shyla Carr), mentioned it to Emily (Vilandre, co-owner of With Room Coffee). One morning I open up my door at 7:30 in the morning and there’s Emily with a growler.”

Wille went to work right away seeing what protein mixed best with the coffee and working on recipes to use at The Laker Zone. Becca Alvarez and Vilandre also worked with Wille, sharing their recipes to help create the best product possible.

“It was amazing,” Wille said about the protein coffee drinks. “It’s the best of both worlds – you get your coffee and your protein in one drink.”

Thursday and Friday were the first days that the shop sold their protein coffee drinks and Wille said they had completely sold through all of the coffee.

The protein iced coffee is available in vanilla, hazelnut, caramel and the Orange White Mocha from With Room Coffee. While all the drinks are made with their cold brew, the Orange White Mocha uses the same recipe between the two businesses, except Wille adds Herbalife protein at The Laker Zone.

“I feel very fortunate that they kind of wrapped their arms around me,” Wille said. “I could’ve just used any coffee but I knew theirs was the best and they are so genuine, and people can see that, so I wanted to work with them.”

These two business have teamed up to make their dreams a reality together.

Along with the drinks, Wille is also an Herbalife distributor and sells the protein at the store so guests can make their drinks at home.

“It’s a place in our community for people to come together and have something healthy and nutritious and fun,” Wille said. “That’s what it’s about, it’s about the community.”