Rebuilding Harvey’s streets has reached a brisk construction pace

Submitted Photo A construction crew works on a street in Harvey.

HARVEY – Work that began last summer on Harvey’s streets, avenues, curbs, and manhole infrastructure has accelerated with the advent of warm weather.

The $7.5 million activity is the largest public works initiative in Harvey’s history and is one of the largest to be fielded within North Dakota’s urban centers this year. It is funded by property tax revenue that will repay the Bank of North Dakota, which provided the initial resources under its infrastructure loan fund initiative.

The entire project follows on the heels of other activities initiated since 2010 that include rebuilding and rerouting portions of Harvey’s storm sewer, erection of a new water tower, upgrading pumping and water treatment facilities within the city water plant, placement of additional streets and avenues within some areas of Harvey’s Business Park and creation of citywide child-care facilities adjacent to the Business Park. Virtually every street and avenue are being rebuilt, as are all frontage roads along U.S. Highway 52 and N.D. Highway 3.

Harvey Mayor Ann Adams observed that so much activity is underway that virtually every sector of the city is currently affected. Some of that activity has required excavation deep into subsoil to construct more durable aggregate layers for future pavement or expansion of curb and gutter to areas not currently served by such structural upgrading.

“We are thankful for the patience displayed by city residents as unavoidable traffic rerouting and some delays in travel emerge, particularly when the top 2 inches of pavement is removed and deep crack repair of street substrate is underway,” Adams said.

Unavoidably, she added, “Some flower gardens within boulevards have been sacrificed as streets are laid out in areas with gravel lanes as well as at corners where handicapped-accessible inclines have been installed. Overall, however, residents of the city appear pleased with the outcome as smooth surfaces make for a more pleasurable automobile ride.”

The entire project will be largely complete in early August, with final detailing, backfilling and sod repair scheduled to finish at summer’s end. A chip seal overlay will be applied next summer, bringing the entire project to completion on schedule.