Poetry is always aloud at Poetry Aloud

The Minot Public Library is a place known for its variety of books on a very wide range of topics. One of those topics is poetry and a new monthly meeting that focuses on that.

Poetry Aloud will be holding their second meeting on July 19 at 7 p.m. in Room B of the library. Started by Maggie Mayer, the meeting is a place for people to bring poems they like, read them aloud, and learn from one another.

“Poetry Aloud is an opportunity for those who enjoy poetry and think that poetry is often better understood when read aloud,” Mayer said.

Open to everyone in high school and older, each meeting will offer a unique theme for guests to consider when bringing the poems they find. The first week focused on the Midwest and on Midwestern poets. The upcoming meeting on July 19 has a focus on commemorative poetry and occasional poems. This can include poems written for a public event, a specific person, or a specific day.

“This is not an academic group or class,” Mayer explained. “We will, of course, learn from one another, but pleasure is the aim.”

The idea for Poetry Aloud came from a similar group that Mayer had been a part of while living in Oregon. The group began slowly but has been going for nine years. She has high hopes that this group will grow as well.

“I hope people will join us for evenings of shared interest, thoughtful reading, and laughter,” she said.

Poetry Aloud is planned to run every third Thursday of the month. The next few will continue on at Minot Public Library.