Election results upheld in official tally

Ward County Canvassing Board adds to final vote count

Jill Schramm/MDN Dick Messerly and Jim Rostad with the Ward County Canvassing Board look over an absentee ballot Monday at a meeting to certify the June 12 election results.

Canvassing added 38 ballots to the official vote count in Ward County Monday.

There were no changes in election results following the meeting of the county canvassing board. In District 3, where a 24-vote margin existed between Republican House candidates Bob Paulson and Andrew Maragos, the gap increased by one, leaving the race outside recount territory.

Candidates in other local races also each picked up votes, although the outcomes didn’t change.

— Minot Mayor: Shaun Sipma, 3,070; Timothy Mihalick, 2,562; Nancy Bommelman, 625.

— Minot City Council: Mark Jantzer, 3,442; Lisa Olson, 3,339; Paul Pitner, 3,174; Stephan Podrygula, 2,880; David Shomento, 2,513; Edward Montez, 1,244. Three were elected and will be seated June 26.

— Minot Municipal Judge: Ashley Beall, 3,088; Mark Rasmuson, 2,807.

— Minot Park Board: Perry Olson, 4,834; Mike Schmitt, 2,423; Charles Emery, 2,285; Randi Monley, 1,485; Richard Sabol, 1,447; Stephen Henderson, 1,381; Steven Blasing, 1,329. Three were elected.

— Minot School Board: Laura Mihalick, 3,582; Miranda Schuler, 3,346; Steven Velk, 2,925; Michael Carswell, 1,427. Two were elected.

— District 3 Senate, Republican: Oley Larsen, 1,230.

— District 3 Senate, Democrat: Joseph Nesdahl, 447.

— District 3 House, Republican: Jeff Hoverson, 709; Paulson, 672; Maragos, 647; Alan Walter 599. Two advance to the general election in November.

— District 3 House, Democrat: Shannon Krueger, 427; Bob Schwartz, 343. Two advance.

— District 5 Senate, Republican: Randy Burckhard, 1,459.

— District 5 Senate, Democrat: David Grimes Haugen, 584.

— District 5 House, Republican: Scott Louser, 1,230; Jay Fisher, 1,109. Two advance.

— District 5 House, Democrat: Zachary Michael Raknerud, 574.

— Ward County Sheriff: Robert Roed, 3,247; Bob Barnard, 2,955; Michael McCloud, 2,234. Two advance to the November ballot.

— Ward County Commission: John Fjeldahl, 4,960; John Pietsch, 4,945; Dave Pankow, 4,300. All advance to the November ballot.

— Ward County State’s Attorney: Andrew Schultz, 4,012; Rozanna Larson, 3,749. Both advance to the November ballot.

Total ballots numbered 8,972 for a 16.7 percent turnout rate in Ward County.

The canvassing board had to reject 23 ballots postmarked after midnight June 11.

Absentee ballots also must be returned with signed affidavits, and signatures must reasonably match those on the applications requesting the ballots. Failure to comply with those requirements resulted in some ballots being rejected, as did failure to satisfy identification requirements.

Under North Dakota’s election rules, voters without proper identification are allowed to vote and the ballots are set aside in sealed envelopes until voters produce verifying identification. The canvassing board rejected three set-aside ballots that never were verified.