Minot airline boardings increase

Strong airline boardings in March pushed passengers numbers up by 6.2 percent in Minot for the first quarter of 2018.

Minot boardings of 14,039 passengers in March were up 12.67 percent, according to the N.D. Aeronautics Commission. Statewide, the five commercial airports showed a .23 percent increase. Fargo, up 1.89 percent, was the only other airport showing an increase.

Through March, the Minot airport has recorded 36,369 boardings, or 2,130 more than the same period a year ago. Boardings at Williston’s commercial airport are up nearly 4 percent and boardings at the regional airport in Dickinson are up nearly 23 percent. Statewide, boardings at the five commercial airports increased by 1 percent and the regional airports by 3.5 percent.