Spring turns to winter

It is spring. Even the calendar agrees but, then again, this is North Dakota where real spring arrives whenever it is inclined to do so. Apparently it won’t be in the next day or two.

The National Weather Service says Minot is once again about to receive a white reminder that winter is doing its best to hang around. The NWS issued a Winter Storm Watch Wednesday that warns of “heavy snow possible.”

How much? Maybe six inches for north-central North Dakota.

“For Minot it’s a very good chance you’ll see six inches or more snow,” said Jeff Shield, meteorologist, Bismarck NWS. “It’ll start rolling in late Thursday night and early Friday morning.”

The weather system is a fast moving one, expected to be leaving the area Friday evening, but six inches of snow? How can that be with temperatures expected to be above freezing for the next several days?

“The trick with this is where the rain/snow transition line will be because our temperatures will be hovering around that low to mid 30’s which will dictate rain or snow,” said Shield late Wednesday afternoon. “As of right now the Minot area seems like it will stay mainly snow through this event.”

Shield said he expects the snow to be of the heavy, wet variety. It shouldn’t stay long though. Temperatures are expected to push into the upper 30’s for daytime highs the next few days, maybe even reaching 40 degrees by Tuesday. Nevertheless, says Shield, people should pay attention to weather forecasts, especially if they are planning to travel.

“Anybody with travel plans should really keep a close eye on the latest forecast with the potential of changing back and forth between rain and snow,” said Shield. “Looking ahead to Saturday, there’s may be a little bit more of a rain and snow mix entering the area.”