Oil spill contained and recovered near Flaxton

FLAXTON – The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division reports 16,800 gallons of oil was released and then contained and recovered at the Leon Unit #1 well, about four miles north of Flaxton.

The Oil and Gas Division received a report Feb. 21.

The initial verbal notification from Cornerstone Natural Resources, LLC indicated that a broken valve on a storage tank caused less than 100 barrels to be released and contained to the well site. However, an incident report filed Tuesday indicated the volume released, contained and recovered to be 16,800 gallons of oil.

A state inspector has visited the site. A follow-up inspection indicates that all of the fluid and most of the impacted soil has been removed. Clean-up will continue this spring when replacement top soil can be placed on the site.

Cornerstone Natural Resources is listed as the operator of the well, but is currently transitioning ownership to Challenger Point Energy. Challenger Point Energy is listed on the incident report as the responsible party and has been in charge of the clean-up process.