No known plans for a walkout in Minot

On March 14, a national student-driven walkout will occur at 10 a.m., according to CNN. It is intended to last for 17 minutes as a protest against the lack of strict gun control laws and as a moment to honor those killed at Stoneman Douglas almost a month ago

Many schools all across the country are joining in the national protest, though it can come at a risk. While many schools seem to be allowing students to do the walkout for the 17 minutes or are trying to find a middle ground for the protest, many other schools are refusing to allow students to participate. What this means is that students who participate without permission of the school can risk disciplinary actions like unexcused absentses, docked grades, or even suspensions.

While schools in Bismarck, Grand Forks, Moorehead, and likely others plan to join in the walkouts, there appears to be no plans for Minot students to participate. When asked about a possible walk, three local students and a faculty member had no knowledge of anything, school approved or otherwise.

Still those plans can change.

Many schools across the nation have concerns about safety for the walkouts, being a cited reason for not allowing them, while others work to try and make sure the 17 minutes are safe for students to participate.