Mountain snowpack very high

Snowfall, and the water contained in it, continues to track at a very high level throughout the Missouri and Yellowstone River drainages. Both rivers influence water levels in Lake Sakakawea.

As of Monday the snowpack water content in the Rocky Mountain drainage above Fort Peck Reservoir in Montana was 17.9 inches or 128 percent of average. Total water in the snowpack from Fort Peck to Garrison, primarily the Yellowstone drainage, was 16 inches or 132 percent of average.

The totals are slightly above what was in the two drainages during the historically high flows of 2011. Monday’s report is considered to be 87 percent of the expected peak for snowpack water content. Peak snowfall over the survey area generally occurs about April 15. Lake Sakakawea is forecast to peak at 1,846 feet this summer, up about one foot from a year ago and well below spillway level of 1,854 feet.