Minot woman accused of assaulting roommate

A 23-year-old Minot woman is accused of assaulting her female roommate at a northwest Minot residence early Friday.

Kelsie Ann Wallace is charged with felony aggravated assault – domestic violence and felonious restraint. She was scheduled to make an initial appearance on the charges in district court in Minot on Friday.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Wallace and her roommate had been drinking prior to the fight. Wallace accused her roommate of making a sexual advance to Wallace’s boyfriend. Wallace confronted her boyfriend, who denied the allegation, became angry and left.

Wallace and her roommate then began fighting. The alleged victim also told her she had not approached Wallace’s boyfriend, but Wallace hit the other woman in the face, shoved her into a wall, grabbed her head and banged it against the wall, grabbed her throat and threw her to the ground, scratched her and applied pressure around her neck, making it hard for her roommate to breathe. The roommate tried to text a friend to come and pick her up from the residence, but Wallace grabbed the phone and took it away from her and continued the assault. The roommate eventually managed to get away and leave the house.

Police spotted the alleged victim walking on the street, saw she had scratch marks and abrasions on her throat and checked on her condition. An ambulance was then called and Wallace was arrested.

– Andrea Johnson