Man sentenced for simple assault

A 29-year-old Carrington man who had apparently been involved in a dispute with his former neighbors at the old radar base south of Minot has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

LaGregory Keon Kollock pleaded guilty to Class B misdemeanor simple assault for an incident on June 8, 2017. Kollock had originally been charged with felony burglary and accused of going into a residence while Steven Riley Jr. was in the shower and hitting Riley with a two by four when Riley came to investigate the commotion outside.

The burglary charge was dropped, court records show. At a preliminary hearing in July 2017, a lawyer argued that there was no probable cause for burglary because there was disagreement over whether Kollock actually entered the residence. Kollock had said the incident took place at the threshold of the residence.

North Central District Court Judge Stacy Louser sentenced Kollock to 30 days in jail, with a requirement that he serve the 10 days in jail that he has already served, according to court records. Kollock was also ordered to complete an anger management class and to serve 18 months of unsupervised probation. He must also pay $550 in court costs.

A jury trial in the case had been scheduled to begin this week in district court in Minot.

Kollock is charged with terrorizing for another incident on March 30, 2017. A pretrial conference in that case is scheduled for March 14.

– Andrea Johnson