Equipment failure causes oil spills at two sites

An equipment failure in the treater units on a well pad near Watford City resulted in an estimated approximately 6,720 gallons of crude oil released from the treater unit. Of this amount, an estimated 1,008 gallons of crude oil impacted agricultural land.

North Dakota Department of Health officials said the spill was discovered Sunday at the site about 16 miles southeast of Watford City and was reported the same day. The well is owned by Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Company LP.

Personnel from the Health Department were inspecting the site. They will continue to monitor the investigation.

Another incident occurred Saturday at an oil and gas well about eight miles north of Noonan. North Dakota Oil and Gas Division official said Slawson Exploration Company reported an estimated 10,584 gallons of oil was released, contained and recovered when a recycle line failed to the tanks. All fluid was contained within the tank diking. A recycle line runs oil back through the heater treater if the oil does not meet specifications for sale. A state inspector has been to the site and will monitor any additional clean-up.