Below average snowfall every month this winter

February’s temperature was several degrees below the long-term average, according to Joe Effertz of the North Central Research Extension Center.

Effertz records the daily weather data at the extension center south of Minot.

“This past month of February, we had an average temperature of 3.1 degrees which was 9.1 degrees below the 111-year long-term average of 12.2 degrees,” he said.

He said the lowest temperature in February was -23 degrees. This occurred on Feb. 13 and the high was 36 degrees on Feb. 26.

Effertz said the total moisture for the month of February was .46 inches which is 0.03 inches below the long-term average of 0.49 inches.

He said there was 5.1 inches of snowfall for the month which is 0.6 inches below the long-term average. “There has been below average snowfall every month for the winter season this year,” Effertz said.

Minot will have sunny weather until Friday when there’s a slight chance of snow, then a slight chance of a wintry mix, according to National Weather Service forecasters. Forecasters say Saturday will be mostly cloudy, followed by a 70 percent chance of snow on Sunday.