Sevens Bar & Restaurant remains open; Vegas Motel closing down motel rooms

The Sevens Bar & Restaurant at the Vegas Motel on North Broadway will remain open along with its ballroom and meeting rooms but the motel rooms will be closing.

Steven Murphy, who leases the restaurant facilities, said all booked events will continue as normal and all meetings in its popular Monte Carlo room will go on as usual.

Vegas Motel owner Greg Pekovich of Billings, Mont., told the Minot Daily News the decision to close the motel rooms is because the supply of rooms has more than doubled in the city and the demand has declined dramatically due to the boom and bust in the oil field. He said the motel rooms will be closed and no longer rented before the end of the month.

Pekovich has owned the motel for 10-12 years and Murphy has leased the restaurant facilities for approximately that same timeframe. The current lease takes them into 2024, according to Pekovich and Murphy.

“We appreciate the business that our loyal customers have given us and look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come,” Murphy said in an email to the Minot Daily News.

Pekovich said they are hoping to continue to hold the annual poker tournament. The ND State Texas Hold’em Championship has been held at the end of the year at the Vegas since early 2000 and is considered the largest charity tournament in the United States.