MSU to hold Campus and Community Dialogue Series

The Division of Humanities at Minot State University is launching a new Campus and Community Dialogue Series on Tuesday Feb. 20, beginning at 7 pm, the new Northwest Art Center Gallery, basement of the Gordon B. Olson Library.

The series takes as its premise the societal need to discuss in civil fashion topics about which we tend to hold strong and impassioned opinions. Too often, we are simply shouting at each other or we don’t discuss the topics at all-which means that we are not updating our perspective, even as the world keeps turning and changing around us. Further, universities are by definition the repositories and testing grounds for ideas big and small, so even as much research carried out on campuses is geared towards pre-professional and professional audiences, they are also part of communities, so natural forums for the discussion of ideas important to most everyone. Each Dialogue will have two or more faculty or community members organize some basic and differing ideas about the topic, so as to jump start the discussion– and a moderator to keep that discussion moving.

Our topic on Feb. 20 is entitled “Is Religion Still Relevant?’ Micah Bloom (Art) and Robert Kibler (English) will offer differing perspectives, and Christina Paxman (Communication Arts) will moderate. Please spread the word and come join us.

No one is lecturing. We are all discussing the topic together. All welcome. For further information contact Robert Kibler, 720-2716 or