Man charged with criminal mischief following road rage incident

A 33-year-old Minot man is accused of throwing an object and damaging another vehicle on Nov. 28, 2017, and punching and pounding the other vehicle after it pulled into the Paradiso parking lot.

Aaron James Erck is charged with criminal mischief, a Class A misdemeanor, in district court in Minot.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Erck’s wife Brandi Erck told police that she was driving. Aaron Erck, a passenger in her vehicle, became angry when the other vehicle pulled out in front of her and began screaming and making obscene gestures.

The other driver told police that he had been turning onto the U.S. Highway 2 and 52 bypass, east from 42nd Street SE, when the Erck vehicle drove up behind him and someone threw an object that struck the vehicle. The other driver said Brandi Erck then passed him and continued to drive east on the bypass. Both vehicles turned north onto Broadway and Brandi Erck then pulled into the Paradiso parking lot. The other driver followed them and pulled into the lot and wrote down the license plate of Erck’s vehicle. Aaron Erck then got out of the vehicle and began punching and pounding on the other car. The other driver drove away and Erck chased after his vehicle on foot. The other driver then drove to the police station. Police noted hand prints on the driver’s window and a dent on the trunk lid. There was another dent at the rear of the vehicle where the other driver believed the object thrown by Erck on the highway had connected with the vehicle. Police noted that the other vehicle was registered to Aaron or Brandi Erck. Police showed the other driver a booking photo of Aaron Erck and he identified Aaron Erck as the man who damaged his vehicle.

The damage to the other vehicle was estimated at $1,576.03.

– Andrea Johnson