Man charged with assaulting girlfriend, interfering with emergency call

A 32-year-old Minot man is accused of assaulting his girlfriend on Monday at a Minot motel and interfering when she tried to make an emergency phone call.

Ira Montriece Jones Jr. is charged with interference with an emergency phone call, a Class C felony, and simple assault – domestic violence, a Class B misdemeanor.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, police were called to a North Broadway motel after receiving a report that a man had assaulted a woman in one of the rooms. Police went to the room, which was in disarray, with clothing on the floor, bent lapstands, blood on the bed sheets, a dent in the wall and blood in the sink and on the shower wall in the bathroom.

The 29-year-old alleged victim told police that she had asked Jones to leave the room because she heard that Jones was cheating on her with another woman. Jones struck her in the face and head three times. The woman told police she picked up Jones’ bag, which had a hammer in it, and they then began fighting over the hammer. She was afraid he would hit her with the hammer if she let him have the tool. As they were fighting, they fell on the bed and Jones hit her in the nose with his elbow and bit her on the arms. He waved the hammer around. At one point he might have scraped his own arm with the hammer and caused bleeding. She grabbed her cell phone and tried to call police, but Jones hit the phone away from her. The phone hit the wall and left a dent.

The woman then began screaming and banging on the hotel room wall for someone to call 911.

The woman told police she and Jones have been dating for about a year and she was only staying at the motel temporarily. Jones was visiting her on Monday.

Jones made initial appearances Tuesday in Minot Municipal Court and North Central District Court in Minot on the charges.

-Andrea Johnson