Calving workshop set for Feb. 22

A calving workshop will be held Thursday, Feb. 22, from 1-4 p.m. at the North Central Research Extension Center, south of Minot.

Topics will include late gestation nutrition and calving season options, equipment and supplies to have on hand for calving, recognizing signs of labor in the cow, stages of calving, normal delivery expectations, identifying calving problems, assisting births, dealing with abnormal presentations, new calf managmeent, colostrum needs, tube feeding procedures and signs of calf stress and health.

Dr. Gerald Stokka, North Dakota State University Extension veterinarian, Paige Brummund, Ward County Extension agent, and Rachel Wald, McHenry County Extension agent, are the presenters.

To register, go online to For more information call 701-857-6444 or 701-857-7682.