Return of cold and snow

Kim Fundingsland/MDN Somewhere in that cloud is a man operating a snowblower. Snow and cold returned to Minot this week. There’s little chance of snow in the coming days but it is expected to remain very cold until perhaps the middle of next week.

The National Weather Service advises that “Dangerous wind chills to 40 below zero are forecast through today, and again Monday through Tuesday.”

Welcome to another blast of that wonderful Arctic air. It’s not to be trifled with as it will be cold enough and windy enough to sting from the nose to the toes. Accordingly, the NWS has issued a Wind Chill Advisory for the Minot area and much of the state.

“For the Minot area we’re looking in the area of minus 38 for the next couple of days,” said Alex Edwards, meteorologist, NWS in Bismarck. “It will be a good time to stay inside or at least stay covered up.”

If the temperature gets above zero today it probably won’t be by more than a degree or two.

The cold push of Arctic air will bring more sub-zero temperatures Sunday and Monday with nighttime lows expected to be in the -15 range with light winds. The big break is expected about mid-week with Wednesday’s high forecast to reach the upper 20’s. The Climate Prediction Center calls for an increased chance of snowfall through Jan. 24 but no major storms are expected.

“The main concern is just the cold now,” said Edwards. “There’s no real snowstorms or anything, maybe some light little waves or so, but nothing on the horizon.”

The CPC says the current cold air pattern will be followed by temperatures through Jan. 24 that are forecast to be above normal. Normal daytime highs for Minot at this time of year is the low 20’s.