2017 ends, 2018 starts with low temps

2017 came to a close with dangerously cold temperatures but most temperatures in December were very favorable.

The average temperature in December was 15.2 degrees, according to Joe Effertz of the North Central Research Extension Center, south of Minot, He said this was 1.8 degrees above the 110-year long-term average of 13.4 degrees.

The lowest temperature of the month was -31 degrees on Dec 30 and the high was 48 degrees on Dec. 2, Effertz said.

He said the total moisture for the month was 0.5 inches which is 0.09 inches below the long-term average of 0.59 inches. The local area had 5.5 inches of snow in December.

Effertz said the total precipitation for 2017 was 11.34 inches. This is 5.78 inches below the long- term average of 17.12 inches. He said the average temperature for 2017 was 41.2 degrees which is 1.5 degrees above the long-term average.

The new year starts with low temperatures and a wind chill in effect until noon today, according to the National Weather Service.