Mother pleads guilty to child neglect

A 25-year-old Minot woman will serve 15 months in prison for child neglect and bail jumping.

Court records show that Cassandra Sherry-Hill pleaded guilty to the charges in district court on Wednesday. She was sentenced to five years each on the Class C felony child neglect charge and the C felony bail jumping charge, with a requirement that she serve 15 months, followed by three years supervised probation. The sentences will be served concurrently. She was also sentenced to 30 days for hindering law enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor. That sentence is concurrent with the ones for child neglect and bail jumping. She must also pay restitution and court costs.

Sherry-Hill allowed her children to live in the same residence with their stepfather after he shot them with a BB gun on different occasions. Her husband, Jacob Hill, was sentenced to two years in prison after shooting his 5-year-old stepdaughter with a BB gun as punishment and calling in a bomb threat to the Ward County Courthouse earlier this year.

Authorities were notified after the girl’s aunt took her to a doctor in Bismarck. The doctor found the pellet still lodged in the girl’s upper thigh. The girl told authorities that her stepfather shot her because she was being mean to her little sister. Hill had also shot her and her older brother with the BB gun on other occasions. The girl told authorities that her mother cleaned the wound and put a bandage on it after the incident. Sherry-Hill did not notify the authorities, take the child to a doctor or remove her children from the household. The girl’s aunt also alleged that Sherry-Hill allowed her daughter to live in a house without running water and the girl sometimes didn’t have enough food.

At a preliminary hearing for Sherry-Hill, her lawyer said that Sherry-Hill did treat her daughter’s injury and didn’t take her to a doctor because she didn’t seem seriously hurt.

The incident with the BB gun happened when Hill, Sherry-Hill and three children were living at the old radar base south of Minot this past spring. They later moved to a Minot apartment.

– Andrea Johnson